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The selling process in the State of California today can be extremely complex and overly time consuming
Selling a home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. You need a strong, knowledgeable agent who has numerous skills and resources to make your sale smooth and stress free. You are in good hands!
Don't waste your time with other agent's inexperienced methods of marketing.  I've spent over 25 years in the marketing field and in this changing market the #1 item of importance to you as a seller is to hire an agent who is highly experienced in marketing.  Additionally you need a strong negotiator who knows what she is doing to help you obtain your goals.  Let me show you my perfected and successful 13-step Marketing Plan that goes beyond the average agent's marketing plan which will ensure that your home is seen by as many interested prospects and buyer's agents as possible early in the selling process.  I promise to do everything on the list or you can fire me! That is my GUARANTEE to you!  


My 25 years of marketing experience pays off! 

"Dear Joni: . . . I certainly have never seen such a sustained and comprehensive advertising blitz for a residential property and clearly it paid off . . . . Your dealings with prospective buyers and other agents were skillful and adroit . . . in the space of just one week, produced a very substantial increased offer, which led to the sale. I will always be thankful for your efforts"

D. Parker, Attorney at Law, Encino, CA








Just give me a chance to show you all the many daily things on my "to do list" that I have lined up to do for you right away to make the sale of your home a successful and smooth process.  I will hold your hand throughout the selling process from the day you sign the listing agreement, throughout the escrow, until you receive your check in hand.  I will even be there beyond the close of escrow to assure there's no loose ends left undone.  That's how I earn my commission and I am happy to be there for you all the way so you don't have to worry about the details and what to do next.

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